EonCoat® is a surface treatment system, rather than a coating. When applied as a single-layer coating system, the chemical reaction on the surface creates an alloy layer and a ceramic layer which is filled with phosphates to prevent corrosion over time. Learn more about the innovation.

EonCoat® is only suitable for carbon steel surfaces. It will not adhere to other surfaces like steel or concrete, or over old coatings.

EonCoat® in its natural form is white. A topcoat can be applied if required for cosmetic appearances. EonCoat® Australia can supply a topcoat subject to assessing the conditions of use.

One of the most notable, is the product validation resulting from the NASA Beachside Test, which resulted in the first ever score of 10. In 2014, NASA conducted a study to find a coating which had excellent corrosion protection properties, the lowest impact on the environment and no zinc, heavy metal or isocyanate. The NASA test evaluation alternative coating systems over 18 months of outdoor exposure. View the successful results.

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Visit the manufacturer’s website and for your interest, you can view a variety of educational videos on the manufacturer’s YouTube channel.


There are three key advantages of the EonCoat® surface treatment system, from an environmental, human safety and life expectancy aspect. EonCoat® is water-based, non-toxic and 100% inorganic. It is, therefore, safer not only for the environment, but also for human resources applying the product, or who are working in confined spaces, reducing the level of safety risk. The product life cycle also exceeds that of a regular coating, generally by a factor of 2-3 times longer.

By virtue of its inorganic design and non-toxic nature, EonCoat® can be disposed of in general waste and is non-pollutant to marine environments. It also requires only water to flush through equipment lines post-application, eliminating the need for chemicals during the application process.

The economic benefits are derived from a variety of advantages including less surface preparation and faster application, increasing efficiency and resulting in decreased shut down times, as well as a longer product life expectancy which maximises recoat times.


There are currently 3 types of coating products available, to suit a variety of applications:

The range is available in either ~34 litre plastic tubs for larger jobs, or in 600ml dual cartridges (300ml of Part A and B) for smaller jobs.

Please view the technical data sheets for each of the products here

Eoncoat® is manufactured in the USA, by Eoncoat®, LLC at its Fuquay-Varina headquarters. Visit the manufacturer’s website [www.eoncoat.com]

12 months from the date of manufacture, with a further 12-month extension available, subject to manufacturer approval.


EonCoat® is a two-part system mixed and applied at a 1:1 ratio in a single coating application, which rapidly cures within 15 minutes (1-hour full cure). The product can be applied using two methods, depending on the size of your project. Large application projects utilise a plural component pump system and smaller-sized applications, and trials utilise a dual-component cartridge spray gun.


A condensed summary of the application process is as follows, although your EonCoat® certified training will cover all aspects of the application, from surface preparation, through to application and maintenance.


  • Surface preparation of abrasive blasting of surface
  • Pressure washing blasted surface
  • Blowing surface dry (spray application should occur within 48 hours of drying)
  • Application of EonCoat® is 500 microns minimum
  • After a waiting time of 15 minutes, inspection can be undertaken, and if required, a topcoat can be applied for cosmetic purposes

We can recommend local Australian suppliers of the plural component pump system (for large areas) and dual component cartridge spray gun (for smaller sized areas, confined spaces or training). 

Each site will have its own mandates and safety requirements and  different sites and facilities will mandate a variety of PPE. The only hazard is the atomization of solid particles (dust) which are inorganic and non-toxic the P3 dust mask would be the standard minimum recommendation whilst applying EonCoat®.

To ensure EonCoat® products are applied in accordance with the manufacturer specifications, it must be applied by applicators who have been trained on appropriate methods and techniques of application. To qualify for the manufacturer’s limited 30-year product warranty, EonCoat® must be applied in accordance with product specifications and have ongoing maintenance regimes.

Our team can provide onsite or offsite training for your staff or contractors. We can also recommend external EonCoat® endorsed trainers in other Australian states.


Our team will work with you and recommend a plan for post coating inspection and periodic inspections, as well as recording procedures for same.


EonCoat® products carry a limited 30-year limited product warranty (subject to application by EonCoat® endorsed applicators, in accordance specifications and maintenance regimes) which is supplied by the manufacturer, EonCoat®, LLC and can be viewed at the manufacturer’s website here. View our limited product warranty frequently asked questions document here and contact us for more information.

It is also important to note that your warranty will not be affected by any top coat used post application.

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