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“EonCoat® Australia are distributors of the leading EonCoat® anti-corrosion management technologies in Australia, NZ, and across Asia”

We are proud to supply EonCoat®’s innovative and sustainable anti-corrosion management solutions to industry. Our team has over 30 years of experience in industrial corrosion control, with a focus on optimising safety and environmental project improvements.

As the distributor of the EonCoat® corrosion range in Australia, NZ, and across Asia, we can supply coatings products and work with you to develop a cost effective and environmentally sustainable corrosion management solution for your carbon steel assets.

Our services include pre-sales and after sales support, endorsed EonCoat® training for your in-house team of applicators or external contractors, as well as independent NACE inspection and corrosion technician services for your assets and projects.

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