Introduction to Innovation

EonCoat® is a safe, environmentally sustainable, and effective surface treatment solution for corrosion prevention and management for carbon steel assets, with application across a variety of different industries and environments. 


The EonCoat® corrosion prevention technology was developed by Tony Collins, founder of US based EonCoat, LLC, alongside his Principal Scientist. Through extensive research and development into repurposing the use of chemically bonded phosphate ceramic technology, EonCoat® was successfully developed for commercial corrosion prevention applications. Today, the patented EonCoat® range consists of three products, in a single layer coating system, tailored to a variety of different conditions and applications, for carbon steel assets. 


When compared to traditional coatings, the value of the EonCoat® surface treatment is clearly demonstrated in its potential to deliver improved efficiency, resulting in decreased shutdown and turn around times for maintenance projects, improved product life expectancy and a having a positive impact on HSE standards.

The single coating system which cures within 15 minutes of application is unlike a conventional barrier coating which sits over steel. Rather, EonCoat® phosphates the steel it comes into contact with, by chemically bonding to the steel, forming an amorphous magnesium iron phosphate layer which will not corrode. When applied, EonCoat® forms a continuous ceramic coating, which thickens in time and in turn, provides effective anti-corrosion properties for carbon steel.

Responding to market needs and expectations

EonCoat®’s effective corrosion treatment technologies address the increasing market demand for solutions which are innovative and more environmentally focused, whilst still being effective, supporting longevity and delivering efficiency.

A first of its kind product to the Australian market, EonCoat® delivers a more environmentally sustainable solution to replace traditional multiple layer coating systems.

The non-toxic nature of the EonCoat® is safer on human resources applying the product

Less preparation, faster application and a longer product life expectancy improves efficiency and delivers economic benefits

See firsthand the performance of our products in real world situations

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