EonCoat® Demonstration day

Our team had the pleasure of being a part of an EonCoat® demonstration day recently with Integral Protective Coatings and Airblast Australia, along with valued industry guests who joined us to see the EonCoat® surface treatment technology in action. The video below demonstrates EonCoat® being applied on the day using a plural component pump system, used for large surface areas (EonCoat® is applied by an EonCoat endorsed applicator).

Excellent feedback was received from guests on the EonCoat innovation and its key advantages from an environmental, human safety and product life expectancy perspective. It was very encouraging for this first of its kind product in the Australian market.Learn more about the innovation here or for further information regarding the EonCoat® range of products, reach out to our friendly team via the Contact us page or via email at enquiries@eoncoat.com.au.

The EonCoat Australia team

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