Merck Pharmaceuticals

The demands of Merck Pharmaceutical’s production schedule require all production facilities to be fully operational and powered at all times. One part of assuring plenty of backup power includes Merck’s use of large tanks filled with diesel fuel to run their generators.

When the tanks in Merck’s plant in Wilson, North Carolina began to show signs of corrosion, Merck initially used a traditional system of inorganic zinc, epoxy, and urethane to coat these fuel tanks. But the downtime to apply risked production each time the tanks needed repainting.

To reduce downtime initially and eliminate further outages Merck turned to EonCoat for re-coating their storage tanks. They saw exceedingly positive results; what typically took two weeks to apply was shortened to only five days!

Because the prep was less time-consuming the flash rust did not need to be removed and the topcoat could be applied without waiting for EonCoat CR to dry. What’s more, this corrosion-resistant solution provides permanent protection, so there will be no further outages for future reapplications.

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