Our Team

Mark o’ Sullivan

Global Development Director

Mark has over 30 years experience specialising in all aspects of industrial corrosion control, including coating removal, re-applications of best-in-class materials and QC/QA inspection, training and implementation.

Bill Fry


Bill has over 30 years corporate experience specialising in company management, finance, project evaluation and development. He has been involved in several industry sectors ranging from agriculture, consumables, property development, mining and waste management. Bill has been an executive board member of several public and private companies.

Steven Jackson

Chief Financial Officer

Steven is a highly regarded senior executive with over 15 years of extensive experience across a range of industries, in the management of financial and company secretarial functions and ensuring the highest standards of financial control.

Elizabeth Caiulo

Operations Manager

Elizabeth has over 15 years executive support and management experience, with a focus on project coordination, logistics management, inventory control and all facets of administration.

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